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    Procene's Bio


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    Procene's Bio

    Post  procene on Fri Aug 20, 2010 10:59 pm

    ima be a rebel and NOT use Cryo's template :P

    Name: Procene Sartherian

    Age: 24

    Race: Reptillian Hybrid (exact composition unknown)

    Gender: Male

    Height: Approx 2m 45cm (6'9")

    Weight: 82kg (182lb)

    Build: Athletic, Swimmer

    Eyes: Reptillian slits, Bright orange whites with Blue Iris

    Features: Starting from his head, Procene has a Raptor/Snake like head with two small spikes on each eyebrow. there are Two small "ear fins" on each side of his head and these expand, retract, flare etc depending on his mood. (eg, wide open, flared outwards when angry, closed and droopy when sad. partially open and perked when happy).he has a row of flexable spines on his head, which stops about half way down his neck. these spines drape across his head, giving the impression that he has hair.

    Procene's Torso and arms are human like as are his hands, except that the nails are replaced with sharp claws.

    His legs are human like, but his feet are similar to that of a lizard, supporting a Digitigrate stance. his feet have 4 claws and a dew claw.

    His tail is about 5'3" long, and is fully Prehensile.

    Colouration: his Scale colour Varies, but is primarily an emerald green, with his chest, neck and tail "belly" scales a light green/grey colour, and his scalp and back scales a Dark green.
    His claws and teeth are white and his tongue, inner mouth and exposed flesh (cuts, gashes etc) are a fleshy red, similar to a human.
    The membrane of his ear fins and his spines are coloured a light brown/red.

    Mundane abilities: Procene is skilled with melee weaponry, specialising in Swordplay. He is also skilled with a variety of ranged armaments ranging from Pistols to Sniper Rifles. He is also skilled in piloting a variety of spaceships in the Strike Craft category (fighters, bombers, interceptors etc). Procene is also skilled in Field Repairs, able to fix many things with whats on hand. his acrobatics skills are also quite impressive.

    Special Abilities: Procene's Strength, Agility and Speed is much greater than the average human. He also has Chameleonic Ability. This ability has been observed in various strengths, from a simple change in his scale colour and pattern to almost complete invisibility. It is worth noting that motion detecting devices wont be fooled by this "active camoflauge" and those with keen eyesight will notice a distinctive "ripple" when Procene moves.

    Procene also has a sort of "sixth sense" in that he can detect other people via their body heat.

    Clothing and Equipment: Procene is normally seen in his specialised jumpsuit, which is made from a skintight material which can mimic his Chameleonic ability. On his left Forearm is a high tech bracer capable of performing many functions that can range from Computer interfaceing/hacking, to long range communication.

    Procene has been observed carrying a strange, disk like object. its purpose is unknown.

    Procene's weaponry usually consists of two "SpecOps" type Pistols and two "Plasma Cutlass" Power Swords.

    The Pistols have an effective range of 150 meters and can be armed with a variety of projectile and energy based ordinance, good for a SpecOps agent adapting to changing circumstances.

    The Power Swords are a rare weapon, a sword which can be charged with various forms of energy to create a blade with unmatched damage potential. an activated Power Sword can be identified by a visually distinctive glow around the blade. Power Swords are effective in Melee combat can can slice through Flesh, Armour and even a Starship's hull. ::NOTE:: Power Swords can be deadly to those unfamiliar with these exotic weapons. The use of one is Not Recommended by those unfamiliar with this weapon. The "Plasma Cutless" Power Swords are the most commonly seen of these rare weapons and are very popular due to their customisation options. in particular, the colour of the "energy blade." Procene's swords are Purple when active.

    Procene has a Modified and Personalised "Raptor" class LRRF (Long Range Recon Fighter) Starship at his desposal. Capable of being controlled remotely, this starship can call down heavy ordinance of any target chosen by Procene or can be used to extract him from any hostile area. Because of its design, Procene can use this ship to travel extreamelly long distances and even live in the ship for months, even years if he had to.

    Armaments include four forward facing, hull mounted Particle cannons, two wing integrated missile racks, two Beam Laser turrets mounted on the nose and tail and a EMP missile launcher. Defences include a Mk XII Positron Shield Generator, ablative armour and advanced Countermeasure launcher, supported by an advanced ECM suite.

    This particular ship is fitted with experimental technology, including a Cloaking Device and a Fighter Class Jump Drive. no definitive information is available on these two items, but one can guess their purpose by name alone.

    Background: (WIP, look at my CO bio for a summary, for his background is LOOONG XD )

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    Re: Procene's Bio

    Post  CryoBite on Sun Aug 22, 2010 7:35 pm

    i hate rebel! eat this! but anyway grate bio here too procene help too see and read more of her

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    Re: Procene's Bio

    Post  procene on Sun Aug 29, 2010 8:59 am

    heh, when i get to it, ill add his rather extensive bio.

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    Re: Procene's Bio

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