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    Angel's Bio

    Post  Aurich on Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:22 am

    Using Cryo's really very good template.

    Superhero Name: Her military callsign, Chaos Angel (Mostly because most humans mangle her real name)
    Real Name: Arrjel Quirrerls
    Gender: Female
    Age: mid-20's
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: A bit more than she'd like.
    Hair: Charcoal Grey
    Eyes: Bright Green
    Fur: Black to Charcoal Grey
    Race/Place of Origin: Lurien / Fiynbal City, the capital of the Sildara province of Fiyara, the Fiyil homeworld.
    Physical Description: Tall, lithely muscular build.
    Character Logic/Power Type: Aide humans to procure aide in getting home/Power Armored Soldier (munitions/power armor)
    Powers/Technology: No supernatural powers, it's all training and technology. Guns, Powered Armor, Electrified Netting.
    Song that Best Fits: Undecided as yet.

    Background: Arrjel is from a cluster of star systems closer to the galactic core on the same arm of the Milky Way that Sol is on. There are two interstellar alliances in that area, they have been at war for the past six years. Arrjel's family has been spacers for several generations, her eldest sister is a pilot for an Event Horizon class space carrier. Her elder brother is a fighter pilot. Her younger sisters are both nurses. She and her twin brother were engineers when they joined the Cromlan Navy. Upon their request, they were both stationed upon a Dwarf Star class explorer cruiser called the Starry Eye.
    Unfortunately the Starry Eye was in the wrong place when the Malgun Federation, the Cromlan Alliance's next door neighbors, declared war. The reason still isn't really clear, but the Starry Eye was disabled and boarded. The fighting was intense. Arrjel and her brother hid in engineering with the other engineers and prayed the fighting wouldn't come that far in. It did. Her brother was the lead technician present, the officers having hid in their own quarters, and so he approached the boarding party with his hands in clear view to speak to them. The boarding party was nervous because of the number of technicians present as opposed to the six squad members there. When a technician bumped a wrench off of a counter one of the boarding party started shooting. Arrjel watched her brother's head explode under the searing force of energy and she lost it. She grabbed a spare reactor cell, broke the safeties keeping it in stable condition, and rolled it off of a catwalk down onto the boarding party. Fortunately, the techs were already hiding or they'd have been killed by the blast too. As it was, Arrjel was badly injured.

    The Starry Eye was one of a dozen scout and exploration ships hit like that in the initial offensive. Most of the boarders were repelled, but all of the ships were badly crippled. A desire for vengeance burning brightly in her heart, Arrjel applied to and managed to pass all the entry exams to get into the Nova forces, the Cromlan Navy's spec ops branch. She excels in explosives and mechanical proficiency and was appointed as her team's demo expert. She worked as a demo expert, doing as much damage as she possibly could to enemy bases and personnel, for the last six years. An final mission behind enemy lines to sabotage a supply depot is what landed Arrjel on Earth. The mission was a success, but the station's batteries managed to damage their ship and cripple the stealth signature as they were escaping. A cruiser quickly intercepted their strike corvette, and the crew had to abandon ship after a short and very one-sided fight. Most of the lifepods were collected by the enemy ship. Arrjel's and a few others escaped into subspace. Arrjel's trajectory sent her lightyears off course, and when her pod came out of subspace she was within the Sol system without sufficient fuel to make another jump in the right direction. Fortunately there is a habitable planet in this system. Her lifepod crashed in the mountains near Seattle. She spent three months gathering information and scavenging her lifepod to build her Chaos Angel armor suit. She had just arrived in Millenium City to approach the Champions for technological aide in getting home when the Qularr attacked. Since the defeat of the Qularr, Defender has agreed to help develope a way to contact her people to get her home on the condition that she use her skills to help the people of Earth in the meantime. And the rest is current history.

    Distinguishing Features: None normally visible. Aside from her build Arrjel is fairly average looking. She does have an oblong patch of white fur on her bottom, though.
    Physical Imperfections/Would Like Most to Change: Damaged Sense of Smell/Would like to learn to better control her temper.
    Characteristic Gestures: If not out fighting, is normally sitting on a bench fiddling with her datapad.
    Family Background/Lineage: Arrjel's family is nothing special on her homeworld, though most are spacers.

    Special Occupational Training: Spec Ops Commando, her unit's Demolitions Expert
    Skills, Abilities, and Talents: A decent shot with a rifle, but has uncanny accuracy with a grenade whether thrown or launched. Very knowledgeable about weaponry. Expert at building or repairing powered armor suits.
    Areas of Expertise: Construction and Repair of Armored Suits; Explosives of Every Type
    Military Experience: Four years as a subdrive engineer before transferring to the special forces after her brother's death. Six years as a spec ops commando.

    Short-Term Goals: Acquire friends and a group to associate with while on Earth (partially accomplished)
    Long-Term Goals: Get home
    Short-Term Needs: N/A
    Long-Term Needs: Classified for now

    General Personality Type: Typically friendly, but reserved
    Introvert/Extrovert: Slightly extroverted
    Quirks: Uncanny memory for names
    Eccentricities: Loves explosives to the point where she's almost always got some with her, even in bed... >.>
    Temperament: Slow to anger, but can be completely irrational when truly riled
    Method of Handling Anger or Rage: High Explosives
    Admirable Traits: Loyal, Learns Very Quickly, Courageous
    Negative Traits: Temper, Reckless

    Things That Make Uncomfortable or Embarrassed: Specific Scents >.>
    Most Painful Things in One's Life: The loss of a loved one
    Political or Social Issues Most Important To Character: Employment
    Fears: Slimy Things (Burn it with magnesium fire!!)
    Hobbies: Brewing Explosives, and sometimes strong drink
    Interests: Explosives and Power Plants
    Drinks Alcohol: Yep, sometimes too much
    Favorite Physical Attributes in Opposite Sex: ^.^;
    Attributes About Character that Turn on Opposite Sex: ^.^;
    Sexual Turn-Ons: =p Classified
    Sexual Turn-Offs: Foul Smells, Force, probably others
    Traumas/Psychological Scars from the Past: Watched her brother die in battle; Had to Abandon a Team Member so she could buy the rest of the spec ops team time to extract.

    Philosophy of Life: If you want something, don't put it off till tomorrow to go for it. Tomorrow it may be gone.

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