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    Meet Dynamo-Fox


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    Meet Dynamo-Fox

    Post  Dynamo-Fox on Wed Sep 01, 2010 7:44 pm

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the group but not so new to CO. I've been playing for a good several months since about Febuary or so. I was reffered to the SG by Jack Rabbit or Archone as he or she is also known. I tprobably also helps I've been a furry for years as well. =3

    You can learn about the real me here


    And here are a few pics of my primary hero Dynamo-Fox



    As for Dynamo's back story?

    "An android fox created by a young college student with a brilliant mind and a love of animals. She hoped her creation would help humans bond with the animals of nature. However with the world in peril and terrorized by super powered villains ,her foxy creation would answer a higher calling. With her help ,he outfitted himself with a powerful armored frame and high powered turbines allowing him to create and control large amounts of electricity which he could use in his battle against evil."

    I loved all those who took the time to welcome me to the SG and everything. It's nice to feel welcomed and I hope I get to know many more of you soon.

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    Re: Meet Dynamo-Fox

    Post  Kelo on Fri Sep 03, 2010 5:35 pm

    Hey there nice to meet ya! And even nicer to have ya here ^^! I soo watched you on FA happy

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