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    How to get in zenachat on Pidgin and Trillian


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    How to get in zenachat on Pidgin and Trillian

    Post  icyfoxy on Tue Oct 19, 2010 2:48 am

    First you must sign up to the PTS in CO http://www.champions-online.com/test-shard-signup

    For Pidgin
    First you have to get Pidgin setup blahblahblah

    1. Start your Pidgin client.
    2. Click on Accounts > Manage Accounts.
    3. Click the Add button.
    4. On the Add Account dialog fill out the following:
    1. Protocol: XMPP
    2. Username: <Account Name> (The login name used for CO Live/Holodeck)
    3. Domain: CrypticSpace.com
    4. Resource: <Anything> (Equivalent to character name in game)
    5. Password: <Your Account Password>
    5. Check Remember Password (if desired).
    6. Click Add.
    blahblahblah then adding Chat Channels

    1. Click on Buddies>add Chat
    2. Select your XMPP account. then server should be channels.crypticspace.com
    3. on room type zenachat or any other chat if you like and oh don't forget to put in a handle name in.
    4. click on add to join!

    For Trillian

    Adding the connection to Trillian
    1. Add a new Jabber/XMPP connection to Trillian
    2. The username will be your Champions Online login username@CrypticSpace.com
    3. The password will be your Champions Online login password

    Your Trillian contacts window should fill with a section for online Friends, online Supergroup, and online players in any channels you have joined. The contacts window only lets you send and receive tells from that player. (Important! The list will only show their display name, not what character they are playing.

    To join a chat channel (Does not work on the iphone app)
    1. Click on the Jabber/XMPP icon and Join a Conference
    2. For the chat name use the name of the chat, for example sgoc
    3. The server should be channels.CrypticSpace.com
    4. Enter a password if the channel requires it


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    Sauria Lizardqueen
    Sauria Lizardqueen

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    Re: How to get in zenachat on Pidgin and Trillian

    Post  Sauria Lizardqueen on Tue Dec 21, 2010 3:17 pm

    Thank you for the tutorial. Worked perfectly with Pidgin for me. Just a little thing : the link to the PTS sign up is wrong. Nothing serious, just a "," at the end that messes up. ^^

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