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    Your pet's bio

    Sauria Lizardqueen
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    Your pet's bio

    Post  Sauria Lizardqueen on Mon Nov 22, 2010 8:15 am

    Since the Pet Update, some of you have brought a little pet in their adventures to fight mobs and kick the Apocalypse Bringer's butt. You have grown fond of it (or you tossed it away for a rocket launcher or a fancy buffing aura ^^) and maybe you even gave it a little backstory.

    This topic is for you ! To show to your fellow Zenas how much you like your little companion.

    Here's a preview of mine to give a small exemple :

    Name : Rapture
    Nicknames : Raptie
    Gender : Male
    Master : Cynder Lizardqueen
    Age : Unknown
    Height : Variable
    Race : Teleiosaurus Hatchling "corrupted" by magic
    Place of origin : Monster Island
    General personality : Loyal, friendly, cuddle, protective towards his mistress
    Languages spoken : None, but uses body language
    Level of sentience : Semi-sentient, able to understand simple orders, seems to show signs of empathy towards his mistress and others
    Abilities : Lightning powers, ability to shape-shift to adapt to his environment, emergency teleport (teleports in a safe place when about to be defeated to heal himself before coming back to his mistress), high resilience and continual protective mutations
    Background : One of the many nameless offsprings of Teleiosaurus, this raptor was kidnapped by DEMON agents few weeks after his birth. They planned to turn him into a behemoth to wreck Millenium City by summoning a demon in him. They would have succeeded if the heroin Cynder Lizardqueen hadn't popped up in the middle of the ritual, preventing the demon from fully possess him.
    Having developed a higher level of sentience, he watched as Cynder battled against DEMONs and, remembering them hurting him, he broke free and viciously attacked them. This was when he discovered he had changed, gaining new abilities he could use as if he was born with them.
    After the last DEMON was defeated, he went to Cynder. Watching him showing signs of gratitude, she spared him and took him with her to bring him to Witchcraft to study his new powers. However, she quickly changed her mind and decided to adopt him, calling him Rapture, "Raptie" as she now loves to call him, and the two eventually became inseparable.

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