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    The woes of the Glacier.


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    The woes of the Glacier.

    Post  CryoBite on Wed Dec 08, 2010 8:59 am

    hi all , these came to me in a dream and i thought it was funny enough to share. the names have been changed to protect the innocent,

    DPSRUS: we need a tank anyone got 1 that's on?

    DPS5: i've got a Glacier tank friend that can come.

    DPSRUS:cool! add him!

    Blind Freeze, has join the team!

    BF: hi all glad i could come! :)

    HealBot1: um you guys sure about this?

    DPSRUS: sure will do fine!

    DPS5: yeah he is a good tank!

    Magic mist: if you say so

    HB1: ok likes do this!

    5 mins of mob killing later!

    DPSRUS: ok 1st boss you ready BF?

    BF: Ready!

    DPS5: ok, Go get her!

    BF: BF uses Ice blast like 50 times in a row!

    DPSRUS: OMG MY EYES!!!!!!!

    HB1: Can't See! LAGGING REAL HARD!!!

    DPS%: BF STOP THE IB'S!!!!!!!

    2mins and a team whip later....

    HB1: i tried to warn you guys....

    DPS5: My Eyes are still bleeding!

    DPSUS: Fuck Ice and Fuck Cryptic! kick BF and get us a FF or Might Tank!

    BF: :(

    Blind Freeze was kicked from the team!

    Blind Freeze was kicked form DPS5 Friend's list.

    The End for now :P

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    Re: The woes of the Glacier.

    Post  icyfoxy on Sat Dec 11, 2010 4:46 pm


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