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    Skye's Biography


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    Skye's Biography

    Post  SkyeMcCloud on Wed Mar 02, 2011 4:05 pm

    Skye's History

    Ten years' worth of Dr. Michael MacDowell's research went into Project SKYE, only to have it compromised due to his prototype's 'poor programming.' MacDowell, a.k.a. Mensa, had plans to take over the world with a vast army of telekinetic super-villains, and Project SKYE was his first step towards that goal. However, everything fell apart, because Mensa did not count on an 'anomaly' in his greatest creation.

    An abbreviation of Sensory Kinetic Youth Evolution, Project SKYE dealt with creating humanoids through a delicate process that involved splicing human genes with the superhuman genes of manimal felines, and cultivating the result into a living being. Once created, the being's mental acuity was artificially enhanced, and expanded until the mind and body were in complete synchronization. From beginning to end the process would take weeks, and then Mensa could determine whether or not the being was perfect, or an abomination. The result was always the same; a teenage boy, much in the image of the son Mensa had lost years ago.

    Mensa's thirteenth, and final, creation was deemed perfect at the start as it showed immediate signs of obedience and capability, and so was given the actual name Skye. He heeded Mensa's council perfectly, and followed orders without fail. He learned how to use his powers to their fullest, and carried out Mensa's diabolical schemes to the letter. Though he was childlike in appearance and personality, he was able to handle difficult tasks without failure. He was the perfect minion.

    It was a bank heist that would provoke Skye to heed what Mensa would describe as an anomaly. It was business as usual as he burst through the front doors, summoned his blades, and went into a frenzy. The guards were knocked out, the civilians were watched over by his henchmen, the money was loaded into a bag, and he was on his way out the front door without harming a single person. But as he got to door a little girl tugged on his tail, and caused him to spin around to confront the offender. He stared the child down, almost taken aback by her bravery. It took one word to awaken a stirring in Skye's expansive mind.


    It was a simple question that carried so much weight behind it. He was performing evil acts, but didn't harm anyone in the process. He was doing an evil man's bidding. He had his own talent, and his own abilities. He was able to rob a bank without a single casualty, and yet … why was he doing it? As time went on, and Skye continued to ponder that little girl's question, he began to realize what he was doing. He decided to listen to his conscience, and break free from Mensa.

    Mensa became furious, calling Skye an abomination. At first Mensa tried to reprogram his creation, but the plan backfired; Skye's mental prowess only intensified further, granting him telepathic powers on top of his telekinetic ones. He kept his creation bound as he plotted a way to do away with Skye, keeping him spread eagle against a cold, metal wall for weeks. The chains were thick, and practically impossible to break. The metal clasps around his wrists and ankles were indestructible. The bolts were screwed in so tight that Mensa had to use special machinery just to clamp them in. If nothing else Skye was trapped for eternity if he didn't act. Weeks trickled by as Skye desperately focused his mind upon his bindings. Out of sheer mental will he managed to unscrew the bolts around his wrists and ankles, and the chains fell from his weakened body. Mensa would return some time later to find an empty space where Skye's supposedly helpless body once rested.

    Skye fled for Millennium City knowing that someday he would have to deal with his creator. It wasn't long before he found himself kneeling before Defender in allegiance, and apologizing for the trouble he caused as one of Mensa's henchmen. He vowed to protect the world, and defend the people, and to overcome his past for a better future.

    Skye's Personality

    Skye is socially awkward, as he's had very little human contact beyond Mensa, his subordinates, and the people he tried hard to avoid talking to as he went about Mensa's business. He doesn't know how to handle social situations, and tends to come off as either shy, aloof, or simply trying too hard.

    He can be somewhat naïve due to his misunderstandings when it comes to humanity's ways. He will oftentimes charge into situations before taking time to consider the risks. This is due to his early days as an underling trained to brandish his weapons, and let them do the talking for him.

    When one does get Skye to engage in conversation he'll either remain quiet, talk too much, use overly complicated terms, or both. He also tends to make mistakes when it comes to euphamisms.

    Skye's Abilities, Capabilities, and Appearance

    Many of Skye's abilities stem from his creation process, the backfiring of Mensa's 'reprogramming,' and his own fascination with martial arts. He was originally designed to summon forth blades of mental energy, but after the reprogramming his mind became attuned to telepathic manipulation as well. Through such an act his mind became more tempered; he could will his own wounds away, project a shield of pure mental energy, and even imagine his foe to death. Whether it be out of desperation, or simply because he demands the upper-hand, he will let his mind loose to assault foes in all direction, causing them to reel in pain as they experience the worst migraine in their own history.

    His body is small, and lithe, but his mind is expansive. He performs many of his acrobatics through telekinesis; he'll lift his own body, and manipulate his muscles to perform dizzying backflips, mighty leaps, heightened run speed, and he'll even close the gap by hurling himself foot first at an enemy. The majority of his swordplay is due to his own inherent finesse and training, but he'll give himself telekinetic boosts to gain the advantage with his attacks. He can also bend the very fabric of space around him long enough to teleport away in an emergency, though this process is taxing, and avoided if at all possible.

    He is rarely seen in street clothes, except during those times when he absolutely needs to be incognito. Most of the time he prefers to remain hidden away in a light blue rubber bodysuit, and manifests a suit of mental armour over his own suit. Much of it is for aesthetics, but it's also so he is unrecognizable to those he's hurt in the past as Mensa's minion.

    Skye's Notable Nemeses

    Skye's Creator

    The twelfth result of Project SKYE, Void was salvaged by Mensa to deal with Skye should he be unable to do so himself. Recreated to be a twisted version of Skye, even mirroring his own image, Mensa reprogrammed Void to be ruthless, sadistic, and without remorse. The result is a truly deranged individual that shares Skye's own brilliance, and abilities, but is devoid of compassion, and a conscience.

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