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    Free E-books for all!


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    Free E-books for all!

    Post  Archone on Tue Mar 08, 2011 11:36 pm

    For all of you who aren't already aware, I write with my coauthor under the psuedonym AP Miller:


    Now, we've been having some drama of the most nefarious sort in the last few... well, months really. It has to do with a publisher by the name of Red Rose Publishing, run by Wendi Felter. And by drama I refer to gross violation of contracts, blatant abuse, and outright theft and fraud as summarized by this post by another author and editor who suffered at Ms Felter's hands:


    Where does that lead to free E-books? Well, it's simple. We have one book published with Red Rose, for which we have received NO royalties whatsoever. Our requests for royalty statements have gone ignored. Our agent's requests have gone ignored. Any profits from sales from this book have gone directly into Ms Felter's hands, not our own. Therefore, since we're not making any income directly, we might as well share it freely with friends, let the download link go viral, and get some good marketing publicity for future works.

    easy-share.com APMiller_BeyondtheLookingGlass

    Please enjoy, let us know what you think, and share freely with others. And for the record: yes, there is furry sex in this book.

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