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    weekly RPING PVP event now planned!


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    weekly RPING PVP event now planned!

    Post  Archone on Sat Jun 18, 2011 11:33 pm

    It was not Qilophic energy. It was... unknown. Something new. And it was growing... spreading.

    Every week, it seemed to appear. Every week an anomaly appeared. Somewhere on the planet, the energy would manifest, gathering in the presence of the metahumans in the viscinity.

    The energy could be controlled! It could be used... harnessed. For good? For evil? Devices could be built to enable the collection of the energy, a harvesting of it...

    Some heroes felt this energy should be watched for, sealed away lest the likes of Doctor Destroyer, Telios, or VIPER use it to unleash unspeakable horrors. Others felt the energy should be collected to empower the forces of good in their never ending battle against such villains. On the subject there was no room for compromise.

    And so battles were joined... every week...

    (New RP event for saturdays! Every week the team leaders will meet up to battle in PVP, along with their allies in the question of "control or contain." And their battles will result in energy flowing into the devices held by the fans watching... the more spectators from either side who watch when their side's champions win, the more energy their side shall collect. Aid your side to ultimate victory by showing up to watch and cheer them on! Only registered team members need compete; everyone else can just RP and enjoy!)

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