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    Cryptic runing the gold farmers out of business


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    Cryptic runing the gold farmers out of business

    Post  CryoBite on Thu Nov 10, 2011 9:05 am

    hi all, been some times since i posted on here :) i was watching the mail box from Total biscuit last night, if you never heard of him you should check out his stuff, anyway someone ask him if WoW was supporting gold framers by making this new tradable pet that costs 10 bucks and he said that WoW just wanted in on the action. now this got me thinking that cryptic is doing the same thing i mean think about it 1st the make it so silvers can't have more then 250g on them and then they make some of the C- store stuff tradable in game.

    PWI for the most part has been doing this for years, and i just now notice this. with this next patch there going too make even more money ><

    the video is here if you want too see it


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