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    Alorra's Bio (Following Cryo's example)


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    Alorra's Bio (Following Cryo's example)

    Post  argonfox on Thu Aug 12, 2010 2:36 pm

    Name: Alorra Kandrevas
    Gender: Female
    Status: Engaged to Nathandru
    Age: 27
    Height: 175 cm (5'9") - This is a good 25 cm taller than average for her race
    Weight: 52 kg (~115 lbs)
    Fur: Pale blue nearly white, with ice blue and silver glyph-like markings along the arms and torso
    Eyes: Violet, slightly luminescent
    Race/place of Origin: Faucharan, Arctic breed. Native of Tandera.
    Physical Description: Slender athletic build.
    Character Logic/Power Type: Healer/Protector. Celestial (Avatar of Narheirain)
    Powers/Technology: Powerful protective and recouperative magic, Moderate Astral-based offense.

    Background: Born under the starsign of Light, Alorra was to be the next high priestess to Narheirain, the Faucharan goddess of fortune and fate. She was also fated to be one of the 12 companions of Nathandru, the Seeker of Light, as according to the Prophecy of Dawn. Setting aside her position within the priesthood she joined Nathandru on his journey, lending her talents as a healer and Avatar user to his cause.
    A mishap with a summoning spell at the battle of Tevras changed everything, as she ended up evoking the Avatar of Narheirain directly into her body rather than into an astral construct as a normal summoning would. The effect was dramatic, towering over everyone with wings of light and radiating power she singlehandedly routed the enemy. When the battle ended and the Avatar departed, echoes of Narheirains essence lingered, her warped body not quite returning to its original state. This left her permanently bleached to her winter colours with twin entwined glyphs traced over her upper body, a good quarter meter taller, and her eyes glowing slightly from the power within.
    Together with Nathandru and several others from the prophecy they ventured into black portal in order to defeat the Encroaching Darkness that was devouring their world. While they all succeeded in destroying their foe, the dark plane began to collapse and they were forced to egress by tearing their own rift out. This rift did not emerge back on Tandera, in stead depositing them randomly throughout Millenium City in the middle of the Qularr invasion. In the quiet that followed this invasion's repulsion they discovered that the same black rifts were eating away at this world too and their task not yet complete.

    Distinguishing Features: 5 earrings, 2 silver in the left ear, 2 gold and 1 silver in the right. (Used to denote rank and station among Tanderans) Her accent when speaking english sounds similar to Welsh.
    Physical Imperfections/Would Like Most to Change: Cannot pronounce labiels (B, P, M) which makes speaking engligh a pain. Would most like to alleviate her lack of technological prowess.
    Characteristic Gestures: ? Can't think of anything here.

    Family Background/Lineage: Family belongs to a long line of priests, and can trace 3 generations included in the Prophecy of Dawn.
    Special Occupational Training: Avatar summoning, though she can no longer do this.

    Skills, Abilities, and Talents: Fairly accomplished arcanist, prior to Priestly training acheived Journeyman rank as a Geomancer. Very good with a staff. Significantly more durable and agile than a human as Earth's gravity is lower than Tandera's by 0.43G.
    Areas of Expertise: Recouperative and Protective magic, Spacial and Astral physics.
    Military Experience: 2 Years of Arcanist training. (Rough equivalent to general Army training)
    Short-Term Goals: Stop the Encroaching Darkness to save both this world and her own.
    Long-Term Goals: Return to Tandera.
    Short-Term Needs: None
    Long-Term Needs: Access to resources to research a way home.

    General Personality Type: Taciturn, but caring.
    Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert
    Quirks: Enjoys flying, tends to forget she's doing it.
    Eccentricities: Facinated by the technological equivalents to convenience arcana.
    Temperament: Calm
    Method of Handling Anger or Rage: Cold Fury. Uses a Martial Kata with the staff to cool down.
    Admirable Traits: Selfless and Honourable
    Negative Traits: Too Self-reliant (Her first choice will always be to take on something herself, and ask for help only after exhausting her own options)
    Things That Make Uncomfortable or Embarrassed: Relationship and gossip-talk.
    Most Painful Things in One's Life: Homesickness
    Political or Social Issues Most Important To Character: None that remain relevant on Earth.
    Fears: That she might never return home
    Hobbies: Martial arts, sculpture, flying
    Interests: Human magics, convenience tech, classical/orchestral music
    Drinks Alcohol: Rarely
    Traumas/Psychological Scars from the Past: Still coming to grips with the summoning accident.
    Speaking Style: Calm and level, rarely raises her voice
    Philosophy of Life: Somewhat Fatalist. Few things happen without reason, major turning points of life are unavoidable but the path chosen is not preordained.
    Song that best fits: ? I may fill this is later, but nothing comes immediately to mind.

    ** Actually rather enjoyed filling this out, helped me clarify a few things that are different between this Alorra and the canon version. More inspiration to get back writing again. heheh...^_^;
    Many thanks Cryo.
    And for anyone looking for am image, care of the amazing Frisket: Alorra and Nathandru.

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    Re: Alorra's Bio (Following Cryo's example)

    Post  CryoBite on Sun Aug 22, 2010 7:31 pm

    very lovely Bio argonfox! i hope too meet her in game someday! and i can't take the credit for the template. its from my other mains SG forums it so good i thought i'd share it here as will. i am glad you guys are finding it useful :) thanks hehe

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