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    Lizardqueen's Bio

    Sauria Lizardqueen
    Sauria Lizardqueen

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    Lizardqueen's Bio

    Post  Sauria Lizardqueen on Fri Aug 13, 2010 2:36 pm

    First of all, many thanks to Cryo for having started it.

    Super Hero Name: S. Lizardqueen (first name unknown)
    Real Name: You wouldn't even manage to pronounce it.
    Gender: Male
    Status: Single, but has a literal soul mate
    Age: 240 (real), about 24 (from the Earthlings' view)
    Height: 2,15m, about 7'0"
    Weight: What? Is it so important for the Gen'Sapioïden (Earthlings)? Sorry, not knowing.
    Hair: White spikes and horns (horns for snake/lizard heads, Cryptic, please !).
    Eyes: Glowing turquoise.
    Skin: Different tinges of blue.
    Race/place of Origin: Sauriaki. Saurold.
    Physical Description: Average male Sauriaki, though slightly physically weak. His multicoloured tail is unique on his planet, though.
    Character Logic/Power Type: Explorer, Guardian. Dual swords, Power armor, Martial artist.
    Powers/Technology: Dual swords, Mothership cannon, Nanobot-infused armor technology.

    Background: (STILL WORKING ON IT, so it's just the CO one here for now) When one of their probes discovered the Earth, Sauriakii scientist were really enthusiastic about finding a new inhabited planet in their galaxy. Their king himself decided to travel with them on board one of their planet-sized motherships to make contact with the Earthlings.

    Upon reaching the small moon that was orbiting the planet, the scientists sent planet-analysing probes and began studying all they could about the planet and its flora/fauna. After a few months, they knew pretty much everything the humans, the most sentient species on the planet, already knew, including the fact that several other sentient alien species existed in the universe. They even design a nanobot-infused serum that would grant the ability to speak most of the human languages.

    The Saurold king decided to use this serum and land on the planet to see it for real, alone. He knew like everyone the planet was a major hub for different alien species, including Sauriakii look-alike ones. So, at worst, his presence would just be noticed without too much attention or fear from the natives. The crew was opposed to this idea and wanted to have the king escorted, but he refused, opting for a more daring exploration. Besides, visual tests leaded to the conclusion that his faithful armor was resilient if not invulnerable to most of the human and alien weaponry, and his innate magical powers could also help. Finally, the crew could dispatch a rescue team in no time if things were getting nasty.

    Upon landing on the planet, he was caught in war between humans and another alien race. Seeing the cruaulty of the attackers and thinking about the advantages of having important Earth-native allies for his quest of discoveries, he decided to assist them and became what they call a "superhero", renaming himself S. Lizardqueen, his real name being unpronounceable for humans.

    Languages Spoken: Sauriaki, French, English, Pin'Tarsh, Askir.
    Distinguishing Features: Glowing blue eyes and armor. The glowing eyes are a result of his mind bounding with his "soul mate"'s one, Minerva Lightmare.
    Physical Imperfections/Would Like Most to Change: Very slender. Have learnt more French than English. Doesn't fully understand Earthlings' logics and technology like gravity-and-mass-defying shapeshifting or fully controlled mutations. His Earthling name (mistranslated) and slender body often make people think he's female.
    Characteristic Gestures: Talking to his Mothership. Hugging.
    Family Background/Lineage: First Sauriaki King after hundreds of dynasties of Queens.
    Special Occupational Training: Training with his soul mate to increase his powers.
    Skills, Abilities, and Talents: Excellent fighter. Can order an energy beam strike from his mothership anywhere. Experienced swordsman. Can deflect beam-based weapons shots back to his ennemies with his swords.
    Areas of Expertise: Sword fighting. Lightning-speed attacks. Surprise attacks : He may be a king of a highly technologically advanced honourable species, he won't hesitate to viciously use his claws, snap your neck from behind, kick you in the groin or dismember you if he thinks you deserve it.
    Military Experience: 2 hundred years on Saurold. Enough said.
    Short-Term Goals: Fully explore all the sides of the Earth.
    Long-Term Goals: Establish strong links with Earth and maybe make it an ally of the Shadow Planets.
    Short-Term Needs: N/A yet
    Long-Term Needs: N/A yet
    General Personality Type: Friendly, maybe too much.
    Introvert/Extrovert: Introvert, but try not to appear to be.
    Quirks: N/A yet
    Eccentricities: N/A yet
    Temperament: Calm and patient, most of the time.
    Method of Handling Anger or Rage: Minerva speaks to him through their mind.
    Admirable Traits: Selfless. Compassionate. Honourable.
    Negative Traits: Too compassionate and confident sometimes. Depending on the situation, can be quickly demoralized.
    Things That Make Uncomfortable or Embarrassed: Licking and/or nomming his tail. Flirting. Failing to help others.
    Most Painful Things in One's Life: Not being able to hear Minerva's voice because of the evil presence of Earth weakening their mind bond.
    Political or Social Issues Most Important To Character: N/A
    Fears: Losing his soul mate. Losing his Earthling friends.
    Hobbies: Meditation. Sword training. Learning more about Earth.
    Interests: Earthling technology. Orchestral Earthling music. Earthling video games.
    Drinks Alcohol: Never. Sauriaki Milk rules !
    Favorite Physical Attributes in Opposite Sex: N/A yet
    Attributes About Character that Turn on Opposite Sex: N/A yet
    Sexual Turn-Ons: N/A yet
    Sexual Turn-Offs: N/A yet
    Traumas/Psychological Scars from the Past: N/A yet
    Speaking Style: N/A yet
    Philosophy of Life: Mostly optimism. Everything happens for a reason.
    Type and Number of Close Friends: N/A yet
    Best Friend: Minerva Lightmare
    Other Friends: N/A yet
    Most Crucial Experience: His encounter with Minerva.
    Major Problems to Solve or Overcome: N/A yet
    Solutions to Problems: N/A yet
    Minor Problems to Solve or Overcome: that's a lot of N/A yet, isn't it ? :P
    Song that best fits: Sauriaki or Gen'Sapioïden one?

    Trivia: This character is an alternate version of one of my fursona, the female Sauriaki Sauria Lizardqueen. Unlike this one, Sauria seems less friendly and warm and is more a strategist than a fighter, but most of the information about her is the same. She is a "between secondary & main" character of one of my comic fan-fictions, starring numerous video games characters doing missions during the current Console War (a real cold war with secret agencies and diplomatic tensions in it). Sauria acts here as the leader of the Nintendo secret agency, the NCIS (Nintendo Critical Intelligence Service). The fic isn't translated in English so i won't bother you with a link, but I plan to make a translation one day, as well as retconning it a lot.

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    Re: Lizardqueen's Bio

    Post  CryoBite on Sun Aug 22, 2010 7:33 pm

    nice bio here Sauria! although i am not sure why u didn't just name him Sauria instead of S.Lizardqueen that's always bugged me.
    Sauria Lizardqueen
    Sauria Lizardqueen

    Posts : 14
    Join date : 2010-08-02
    Age : 31
    Location : Sauriaki Mothership, Nintendo Critical Intelligence Service HQ, France... depends !

    Re: Lizardqueen's Bio

    Post  Sauria Lizardqueen on Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:06 am

    CryoBite wrote:nice bio here Sauria! although i am not sure why u didn't just name him Sauria instead of S.Lizardqueen that's always bugged me.

    Because I consider Sauria as female. That's all. ^^

    And at first, it was just a test before introducing the CO version of Sauria (so female) but two problems :
    -I couldn't find a version of the Ancient Armor for female toons
    -Having this kind of armor prevents you from having a trenchcoat and the "real" Sauria wears what looks like a trenchcoat above her hidden armor

    So I decided to keep this male character because no armor was good for a female one, considering him an alternate version of Sauria (so the "Lizardqueen")and keeping the S as a self-tribute and a part of mystery (yes, I know, I love to make things difficult ^^).

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    Join date : 2010-08-11
    Age : 36
    Location : Barbados

    Re: Lizardqueen's Bio

    Post  CryoBite on Mon Aug 23, 2010 3:53 pm

    Ah, i see... i think.... what?

    also your avatar is disturbing dude i hate that show angry hate it with a fiery passion! angry angry angry eat this!

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    Re: Lizardqueen's Bio

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